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The opportunities I find are different pending where you live this is due to social, economic, and political environments. ASD even in a state is viewed differently depending on region. The support services in East Texas are virtually non existent in the West. Worse the public perception of Autism is not even that enlightening. It means in West Texas that Autism means that you have intellectual disabilities and people treat you as such. Not to mention that they feel threatened when a person is not. There are not sheltered work programs here for the higher functoning autism. We have the access for technology but not the education and support to get meaningful employment. The people in the supportive services are not educated in high functioning autism so how they can convey the information to Human Resources if the client is something they are unaware of don't understand. The people have more support if they are intellectual disabled and there is supportive employment for that. You been asking what are the main hurdles in my view points.


In my area lack of services for the ASD.


Job Placement people who don't know what ASD is or needs of High functioning.


Private Perception and general lack of education for both ASD and HR in different areas. Meaning not much training for computers or jobs that ASD can do. HR is unaware about general problem that ASD symptoms during interviews.


Unequal government support services in different parts of the country. There is a reason why Arizona rated so high and Texas is not.


Lack of EEOC enforcement regards for the disabled.


Stupidity on my states part. My state is so stupid that they wanted secede from the Union when President Obama was re-elected. Well they did not have the support that they would relocate the capital due to fact the state own capital want to secede from Texas if they leave the union. So my state infinite wisdom did not invest in the tech sector which would benefited people with Autism. Most of the efforts in training been done at the local level not statewide.

So training is must at equal levels. The access of training and jobs are not all equal different parts of the country.


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